Diversity Diamond – small 55 cm

1.299,00 DKK

The Diversity Diamond is a unit of shelves where the practical use is combined with the beauty of the design. A versatile piece of design to hang on any wall of the house. Use one, two or three units together to make a beautiful diamond shelf. You can hang them in any way you prefer – head up or head down. Many units on one wall will create a fantastic, geometrical pattern.

Notice that the Diversity Diamond shelf has a little hook where you can hang your jewelry, watch, towel or a hanging flowerpot –  if you choose too use it. The hook is carved in the shelf, but is almost not visible. The hook is a great function if you choose to hang the shelf in the bathroom or use it as a night stand.

Also notice that some of the pictures show multiple Diversity Diamond modules put together (see description below the pictures). When ordering 1 piece you are ordering 1 module. If you want to put more modules together and create a bigger Diamond then you have to order 2 modules or any amount above – all depending on the lineup you prefer.

Small module – H: 55 cm, D: 28 cm, W: 39 cm:
1.299 DKK

If the item is in stock, we will send it within one week. If the item – contrary to expectations – is not in stock, you will receive a message from us. The delivery time will then be 9-10 weeks.

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